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Interview with lead guitarist Alex Rosamilia

PostPosted: Wed Mar 20, 2013 12:15 pm
by PJK ... enmanship/

The Gaslight Anthem are far from the new band on the block – their 2008 record The ’59 Sound was one of the most heavily praised rock records in recent memory. But it was their fourth album, last year’s Handwritten, that saw the Jersey boys reach further abroad than ever before.

Being their major label debut, The Gaslight Anthem used Handwritten as both an introduction to new listeners and a platform for existing fans to witness their evolution. The success of Handwritten has seemingly placed the world at the quartet’s feet, with the biggest challenge being to choose where next they’ll conquer.

Soon enough the American rock outfit will return to Australia for a national tour to help expand their ever-increasing fan base. Picking up the phone ahead of the tour was The Gaslight Anthem’s lead guitarist Alex Rosamilia and we talked fandom, solos and short films.